The W House

This had not been my first time sneaking out past curfew; my older sister and I did it constantly and had even run into each other as we slipped back into our rooms. Of course, those incidences were never talked about and only a nod or some sort of gesture was ever shared. The cold … Continue reading The W House

Teenage Grief

People believe, I think, that emotional pain in youth is somehow less devastating because the things involved are normal “kid stuff,” but I actually believe the opposite is true. Teenage pain in many ways is more intense, exactly because that pain occurs at a time in our lives when we have no perspective of our … Continue reading Teenage Grief

Ami Dangereux

I recall meeting Kerri “with an ‘i’” when I moved to a new town for grammar school, but I did not befriend her until we were both shipped off kicking and screaming to the same Catholic girls’ high school in northeastern New Jersey. It was truly in shared misery that we found and sustained our … Continue reading Ami Dangereux