I Broke His Nose

Last summer, I visited my cousin for a week in LA. We were walking around in the nice part of town to go shopping when my cousin got pulled ahead of me in the crowd. I was all alone when I saw a group of guys coming towards me. One of them came up to me, grabbed my arm, and said “Hola pretty lady. You wanna come do some fun things with me?” I told him “Fuck off” and tried to free myself, but he said “Wrong answer” and slapped me so hard I fell over. I saw stars for a good minute and heard him and his friends laugh. He pulled me up from behind, but before he could do anything else, I reached my arm back and got him right in the nose with my elbow. There was a huge cracking noise and he instantly screamed and let go. I broke his nose. I ran away and found my cousin. We got out of there as fast as we could and made it back to her house. For the next three days, I had a huge bruise on my face, but it reminded me that I could stand up for myself and prevent this in the future. Don’t feel like it’s your fault if assault happens to you, just make sure you can defend yourself if necessary.

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