It Wasn’t All My Fault

A while ago, I sort of hooked up with this guy. We didn’t go far at all, and it was only for about a minute before we both stopped and continued listening to the music. I didn’t think much of it but, shortly after, the guy I had hooked up with started to panic. I wasn’t sure why though, so I didn’t worry about it.

Later that night, I realized that the problem definitely had something to do with me. His best friend came up to me and started to confront me by saying stuff like: “Dude… This is really bad…” At first, I thought it was because his best friend was my ex, but that didn’t seem too bad. But then, after a while, I realized he had a girlfriend. To make matters even worse, she was the sweetest girl ever.

At school the next day a friend came up to me and said she had seen it happen and was debating if she should tell his girlfriend or not. I just told her that I didn’t really remember it happening, hoping that this would get her off my back. But, before I knew it, to save his own ass, he ended up ratting me out, painting me as some sort of villain. I started hearing from friends that she had been telling people how she wanted to fight me and was riling up all of her friends. It’s funny how a less-than-a-minute hook up could cause me so much trouble. Especially because I wasn’t even the one who initiated it…

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