Going Fishing

As a nerdy Chinese girl who sat by the high school library, I yearned to be with the beautiful people who mingled at the central fountain quad in southern California. Nobody had asked me to prom, which is a huge deal in my graduating class of 800 students. I scrounged up all my courage and asked blond haired Rob after Math Team practice to take me to the Prom. He said, “Sorry, I’m going fishing with my dad.”

Well, that’s it. I did wonder then why can’t he go to the prom after fishing.

I now reflect at my bravado and bruise of rejection even four decades later. I laugh and cry a little. My character has not changed, but I’m more gentle and accepting of my emotions.

By the way, Eric on my Math Team ended up asking me to the prom. But I was mean to him… well, that’s another story.

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