Suburban Mom Gossip

Although I had dated a guy before, being with Lucas felt like my first real relationship. I could be myself around him and he could be himself around me. We spent every second we could together, and I felt genuinely happy with him. He was a grade above me and was a star on the football team. He had a killer six-pack and an amazing personality – pretty ideal.

It was mid-November and Lucas and I had been dating for around 2 months. After two weeks of awkward conversation, we both decided that Friday would be the day. Lucas’s parents were going to dinner and a movie, so they wouldn’t be home till late. Right after school ended, he drove us in his convertible, with the top down, to his house. We made a giant salad and cuddled up to watch a “Pirates of the Caribbean” re-run on the living room couch. Lucas brought out a surprise bottle of my favourite mojito and told me how hard it was to get it. I don’t even know why we turned on the movie; there was no point. Pretty soon we were moving up to his bedroom and clothes were coming off. Barely tipsy, I was nervous but excited.

About 30 seconds after we finished having sex for the first time, we heard a car lock and a key in the door. It was 8:30. Both completely naked, we panicked. I froze and hid myself under the covers. Lucas put on a pair of shorts and quickly hid the alcohol and condoms. There was a knock at the door and, as Lucas answers “Hi?”, his mom walked in. “You guys aren’t supposed to be in here.” Lucas waved her off while I just laid there with a bright red face. Lucas’s mom was not only terrifying in that moment, but also just in general. I immediately put my clothes back on. I felt like I was going to puke. The anxiety I had worked so hard to ignore came flooding in. Lucas noticed me panicking and said “it’s ok, let’s just get out of here.” He grabbed the bottle and put it in a backpack. We ran down the stairs and out of the house. Somehow, he seemed completely calm and relaxed. We walked to the main road in his neighbourhood and climbed onto the roof of a local shop. We lied down and looked up at the stars, and it seemed like everything would be ok.

The next morning the panic and anxiety returned. What if his parents tell mine? What if I become the next gossip for the suburban moms of Stanmore?

Lucas called me for lunch and we debriefed on the night’s events. His parents were “really disappointed” in him and worried about his bad influence on a younger girl. Lucas and I decided it would be best to stay away from his house for the next week or two. He was still so calm about it, which I could not understand. The next week, after an early Thanksgiving dinner with family, he called me and told me how funny it was that his mom had told everyone what had happened that night. After that, I was sure my mom, and every mom in Stanmore, knew.

That night was a big deal to me and it felt like it was nothing to him. Not that having sex didn’t mean anything, but being walked in on. I don’t know how I could’ve ever calmed down without being with someone who knew how to deal with my anxiety. Getting out of the house as soon as possible was exactly what I needed and he knew that. I still don’t understand how Lucas could make jokes about it, I guess we all handle these situations differently. My parents never found out and I don’t think it got around. Even though everything ended up being okay, I still choke up every time I think about it.

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