This Is Awkward…

Sophomore year I started talking to this guy. He was kind of a rebound from someone else I had been seeing. He was new and really athletic and a lot of girls thought he was hot. I was the first girl he talked to at our school so I considered it a pretty good slay.

We went out on a date and it was ok, but he was kind of boring. I decided to give it another shot anyway, so we went on second date but it was also pretty boring. I just wasn’t really into him. Later, one of my friends told me he had been talking about me like we were in love and it kind of freaked me out. I knew I needed to end things fast but I didn’t know how. I was stalling.

Valentine’s Day came around and I still hadn’t ended it. That night I was having dinner at home with my parents and when I looked at my phone it was blowing up with phone calls and text messages. My best friend called me and told me he had come to my apartment building and was downstairs waiting to give me something for Valentine’s Day. Looking back, I could’ve just gone down and gotten what he was going to give me, but at the time I thought “nope, I’m not doing this.” It was really shitty, I know. But to be fair we had gone on two mediocre dates and he didn’t give me any warning. I decided not to open any of his messages and to go to sleep.

The next morning I acted like I had no idea that he had tried to surprise me and casually texted him, “hey, sorry my parents took away my phone. Why did you call last night?” He told me not to worry about it and that we should hangout again soon. I was talking to my best friend and my best guy friend about it and joked to them that they should break up with him for me (obviously it was a joke, we’re not in 7th grade). To my surprise they actually did it, and I felt terrible. It’s been a year and to this day he still hates me. I don’t blame him.

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