Silk Sheets

In ninth grade, I was hanging out with a group of my closest friends. I was wearing denim shorts and a top, I thought ninth grade me looked pretty good. We were at one of my guy friend’s house (an amazing town house that screamed luxury). We were sitting around and talking on his bed. I was on my period and was conscious of the fact that it was probably time for me to change my tampon. My period was pretty heavy and it had been a while since I had changed it. But nope, I didn’t listen to that nagging voice in my head. I was having too much fun and I wasn’t about to let a little red get in the way.

I thought I had felt a something, so I shifted around on the bed and tried to assess the damage. To my horror, I had not only bled through my shorts but also all over this cute boy’s sheets. Not just any sheets though – his silk sheets. In my embarrassment, I resorted to grabbing my best friend and running to the bathroom. After a few moments of panic, I decided that I would frame her as the perpetrator. I wrapped her hand in toilet paper and prepped her: “Listen. You cut your hand on the side of the bed. It started bleeding and you got it on his sheets, ok?”. I have no idea why or how, but she agreed to follow this story. I wrapped a sweatshirt around my waist, and swallowed my pride. We went back into the room, and although there were questions, I thought that the boys had bought it. I mean, they hardly know what a period is, right?? To my dismay, when I visited this guy a year later, he brought it up. “We all knew it was your period by the way.”

As self deprecating as this story may be, with it comes an important message. Besides the obvious “change your tampon”, embarrassing experiences teach us to not take ourselves so seriously!! Everyone will have blips and it may feel devastating at the time, but I promise that you’ll look back at it and laugh. Also, surround yourself with people who will be willing to bite the bullet and take the blame for you sometimes. Friends that will put your needs and happiness before theirs are truly some of the most supportive ones.

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