Pregaming: Not Always a Great Idea

It was New Year’s Eve and I had just gotten back from vacation with my family and was ready to go out; I bought a new outfit and everything. Five friends and I were planning on pregaming at another friend’s house. We bought a few bottles of liquor and went over at around 10pm. After about fifteen-minutes, nobody was really drinking, but I was trying to get things started because I didn’t want to have to pay for drinks at the club. Next thing I knew, I was 8 shots in, sitting on the floor of my friend’s bathroom throwing up. Assessing the damage, I decided I was still sober enough and would go out. My friends put a jacket around me to cover the puke (gross, I know) and we went into the club.

At around midnight I started screaming and crying, and two of my best friends had to take me outside. I proceeded to cry for 20 more minutes about my recent cheating ex then one of my friends took me back to her house to shower and change clothes.

Over Christmas break, the snaps I has been sending to my best guy friend were getting pretty flirty (we had a thing a year ago) and before I knew it I was at the playground at my friend’s apartment building, half-naked and hooking up with him. I had sobered up a little by that point but was still pretty drunk. Thankfully, my guy friend was super great and didn’t take advantage of me.

Moral of the story: if you’re throwing up at the pregame, you should just go home.

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