“Negative Attention Is Still Attention”

In my freshman year, I had a friend who wasn’t the best influence. She had a boyfriend at the time but was talking to this senior guy, let’s call him Mark. My friend told me that there was another senior guy who was into me. I was so flattered, I mean any freshman girl would be by the attention of a senior guy, especially one that was so hot.

One night me and her were together and he started snapchatting me. He was with Mark so we decided it was perfect timing for all of us to hang out. We met them outside a Country Club and walked to a random beach nearby. We split off and I was alone him. We started talking, but didn’t really have anything in common. All of the sudden, we were hooking up. I honestly had no experience at the time, but thankfully he didn’t take advantage of me.

My friend told me not to tell anyone we had hung out with them since she had a boyfriend, but I told my sister and a few close friends. I guess the guys told people as well because soon the whole school was talking about it. People were slut shaming me, and I felt so embarrassed. I didn’t want to be labeled as “that girl” who hooks up with everyone, and I also cared a lot about what people said about me since I was a freshman. My friend told me that “negative attention is still attention”, so I went on and lived my life. People judged me but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

The next week my friend came to school crying, saying that her mom found out and emailed my mom. I was freaking out and as soon as I went home I deleted the email off of my mom’s account. It basically was slut shaming me and my friend, talking about how we needed to be more careful.

In the end, it honestly doesn’t matter who you hook up with as long as you’re comfortable with it.

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