Why Did We Try This?

My freshman year some guys I didn’t know were having an end of the year party. However, I did know some of the people invited and my best friend was set on us going together. Both of our parents were pretty strict in terms of our curfews, and the party was at a club starting at 11:00. We knew that neither of our parents would be down to let us go, but she was persistent. We were sleeping over at her house because her parents never let her sleep at anyone else’s. At this point, I had only snuck out a few times but had never gotten caught, and (for good reason) I was super hesitant to sneak out when I was staying at her house.

When we got home from dinner, we did each others makeup in her room and put on our outfits for the night. It was around midnight when some guys from our school got to her house to give us a ride to the party. Since they were waiting in a cab, we knew we didn’t have much time but we couldn’t risk going up the stairs because her dad was awake. We took off our heels, stepped outside onto her balcony, and figured out what we were going to do. Her next door neighbor was a junior guy she sort of knew but his little sister was home. My friend lifted me up on her shoulders so I could jump across to her neighbors balcony and, mid-air, I dropped my heel on the wooden floor. It thudded so loudly and she pinched my waist so hard it hurt. Eventually I helped her over and we waited for this guy’s little sister to come get us. As soon as she opened the door and we stepped into her bedroom, their dogs started barking. My friend and I made a break for it, thanking her and running as fast as we could up the stairs of their house, PAST THEIR DAD.

As soon as we were out of the neighbor’s house and into the waiting cab, I began to relax. She played “Waiting For Love” by Avicii and ever since this night, I haven’t been able to listen to it without getting triggered. Fifteen-minutes into the cab ride, her dad texts her, “where r u?” “get home” “are you at Sunny’s” and I instantly began crying. It seems stupid but, at the time, I was panicking. As her dad called her, she told everyone in the cab to be quiet and paused the song. Although she was talking with the phone to her ear, I could hear him SCREAMING and it only made me cry more. What happened next was nothing but embarrassing – we dropped the guys off and turned the cab right around. She stayed on the phone with her dad the entire time, screaming back and forth trying to convince him that what we were doing “wasn’t that bad” and that it was her last night before summer vacation.

We only took the cab halfway back before the driver pulled over into the middle of the road so that my friend’s dad could pick us up outside a country club. She tried to get into the back of his car with me when he screams at her, “I’m not your fucking driver! In the front.” I sit in the back of their car crying as he screams at her. When he pulls into my driveway, rather than continuing to their house, my heart dropped. He told me to call my parents but I switched my phone to airplane mode so the calls wouldn’t go through. He yells, “go home!” and I run upstairs, but I know that he’s waiting to ensure that I am welcomed home by my raging parents.

When I knock on my door they don’t answer and I’m hit with immediate relief. I stash my four inch heels, that made me feel dirty at this point, in the shoe cabinet outside my house and took the elevator back downstairs barefoot. I tell him, honestly, that my parents didn’t answer the door. He grabs me by the arm, marches me upstairs, and asks me to knock on the door. (To prove I wasn’t lying? How shitty). To his dismay, there was no answer, so he starts BANGING on the door. First with his fists and then eventually with his whole body. “No answer? What type of fucking -” he trails off, clearly making rude assumptions about my parents. We silently walk down to the car and everything is okay until he sits back down in the driver’s seat and starts screaming again. I’m quiet on the ride to her house; the rest of the night was a disaster.

I had to email my parents (AND CC HIM AND HIS WIFE) explaining what had happened and to ask them to pick me up in the morning. My friend and I weren’t even allowed to sleep in her room or change out of our dresses. She slept in her dad’s room, and I slept on the floor in the living room. I spent the night crying and listening to her dad scream and hit her downstairs for hours until my dad came and picked me up the next morning. I bolted out of their house at 8am without even saying goodbye.

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