The Car Ride From Hell

When I turned 15, I asked my mom to buy me birth control. It couldn’t have gone worse. We were in our car, 3 hours into driving to my aunt’s, and I asked her if she would take me to get the pills. She broke into tears, asked what she did wrong, thought I wasn’t okay, and asked if some boy was pressuring me. Then, she asked me if I had a secret boyfriend. I replied no, and that I just wanted to be safe. This was my second mistake. She started lecturing me about the dangers of pre-marital sex, how boys just want to use me, so on and so on. Then she said, “Do you know how much you would be ruining your life if you had a baby?” I told her, “That’s what I’m trying to prevent.” This made her even more angry. When we got to my aunt’s house my mom angrily filled her in, then got lectured by them both. We ended the night with my mom taking me to Krispy Kreme and angrily watching Inside Out. It was my birthday.

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