Sympathetic Vomiter

The first night of summer, at the end of my sophomore year, two of my best friends came over for a sleepover. We had been planning this night for weeks and wanted to celebrate surviving our second year of high school. At this point, we had all had our first drinks and had gone out clubbing quite a bit. But, because most of the events we went to had alcohol provided, we never really knew how much we drank. So, when my friends came over, they brought two 1 litre bottles of vodka with them and were concerned that it “wouldn’t be enough.”

We snuck over to my neighbourhood’s shared pool and pulled out the vodka and a bunch of juices to mix in with our drinks. Within an hour we had gone through about half of one bottle of vodka. My two friends were drunk off their asses but I was still surprisingly sober (I would later learn that alcohol takes a while to really hit me). We unanimously decided that it would be a great idea if I took 3 more shots to catch up. Then we all took off our clothes and jumped in the pool. The second I went into the water the vodka started to kick in. We swam around for about 10 minutes (acting completely crazy and waking up the entire neighbourhood I’m sure) until I started feeling queasy and lightheaded. I began to swim, what felt like a marathon, to the side of the pool and threw the upper half of my body onto the cold pavement. I can still remember the cool touch of the cement on my chest. I continued to projectile vomit all over the floor. One of my friends, who is a “sympathetic vomiter,” dragged herself besides me and threw up, adding to the river of puke in front of us.

The next thing I knew, all three of us had to try to get back into the house completely hammered. By some miracle we made it back and my friends put me into my bathroom. I was by far the worst off and for the rest of the night I laid on a bed of towels, developing a very intimate relationship with my toilet. At one point, my friends became really worried about my welfare and got my dad, who sat in the bathroom holding back my hair. Not a great moment to share with your father…

Although this was a pretty traumatic incident and I still don’t know how one of us didn’t end up in the hospital, it was an incredible learning opportunity. Alcohol can seem like a fun way to pass time with your friends but, until you learn how to consume it appropriately, it can cause serious damage. I honestly think that I can still feel the hangover I experienced that following morning.

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