“Do You Bake?”

“He’s here!”

Hearing those words shot a bolt of excitement through my body.

“I didn’t know he was coming back from boarding school,” I said as I fixed my heavy make up in the public bathroom of the park.

“Yeah, his family decided to have Christmas here.”

My heart fluttered and my stomach filled with butterflies. Actually, it’d be more accurate to say a swarm of ants invaded my blood stream.

My friend and I walked out of the bathroom into the dark night air. The smell of cigarette smoke and spilled vodka filled populated the park. High schoolers of all ages clumsily strolled in and out of the area, wandering into nearby bars and clubs. The humid air created a film of water around the neck of my Smirnoff. I walked around, waiting for him to get here, madly checking my phone to see if he had responded to my text message. Don’t be desperate, just relax.

“Hey! I found you!” He said as he came up to me and gave me a hug.

The ants stopped swarming.

We walked over to a 711 and got him a drink and went back to the park to sit on one of the benches. It had been about 6 months since we had seen each other last but the memory of our time together seemed seared into my brain. His laugh, his touch, his gentle hazel eyes. Our past conversation played in my head as he put his hand on my thigh and I lifted my legs to rest them on top of his.

We sat for hours talking about our semesters, our likes and dislikes, our holidays, everything that I could think of. Then, the inevitable lull in our conversation, the moment before you know something is going to happen. He stared into my eyes and ran his hand through my hair. The ants were back… Don’t fuck this up. I leaned forward and we kissed.

The next thing I know we’re back at his house. His friend and his friend’s girlfriend had arrived a few minutes earlier and had taken over one of his bedrooms. He led me upstairs to his guest room and as soon as the door closed we started ripping each others clothes off. We were, at this point, pretty tipsy and especially horny.

I laid entwined in the sheets of the bed on top of him and we heard a knock at the door. Not again. My brain jumped straight back to last time when, in pretty much this exact same position, his younger brother had walked in on us during one of our many 4 AM meetups and was greeted by the image of my bare ass sticking up in the air. I did not want that to happen again… I rolled off of him and pulled the sheets over my head. I heard him laugh and walk over to answer the door. He left. What the fuck?

I sat on his bed, still naked, and waited for him to return. Why did he leave? What is going on? He walked back in and I could smell the fresh vodka on his breathe. We started hooking up again when he leaned back suddenly and asked, “Do you bake?” My brain stopped for a second and I looked up at him confused. Is he going to ask me to bake for him or something? That’s kind of weird.

“I mean I guess… I really like baking cakes and cupcakes. I actually had my own little baking company for a while, it was pretty popular!”

He mirrored an equally perplexed look on his face and suddenly burst into laughter. “I meant, do you smoke pot?”

The ants, at this point, turned into bees and I wanted to collapse into myself. I felt the blood under my skin boil with humiliation. Not my best moment, at all. I think I would have preferred the younger brother incident again.

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